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China Airlines to launch new international flights destined for South Korea and Australia

China Airlines declare that it will launch several international flights from Taiwan to South Korea's Taegu and Kwangju and Cheongju, as well as Cairnes in Australia.

The flight service linking Kaohsiung in Taiwan with Cheongju in South Korea's has been launched on December 26, and will be in service till March 20, 2009. Using B237-800 aircraft, the Kaohsiung-Cheongju flights will run once every five days, and altogether the flights will run twenty-two times. The flight will depart from Kaohsiung at 08:00, and arrive in Cheongju at 11: 35.

China Airlines will launch Taipei-Taegu, Taipei-Kwangju flights from January 24. Using B737-800, the Taipei-Taegu charter flight is a round-trip service. It is expected to run ten times from January 24 to February 27. Using B737-800, the Taipei- Kwangju flight is also a round-trip charter flight service. It is planed to run twice from January 24 to 27.

It has also planned to launch a direct flight service running between Taipei and Cairnes in Australia from January 16 to February 6, 2009. Using A340-300 aircraft, it is a round-trip charter flight service. Between January 16 and February 6, 2009, the flight service is scheduled to run four times.

Flight Schedules

Air Route Flight Number Departure Time Arrival  Time Duration(Service Available)
Kaohsiung-Cheongju CI-7748 08:00 11:35 Dec. 26-Mar. 20
Cheongju- Kaohsiung CI-7749 12:35 14:45 Dec. 26-Mar. 20
Taipei-Taegu CI-7546 16:05 19:15 Jan. 24-Feb. 27
Taegu-Taipei CI-7547 20:15 22:05 Jan. 24-Feb. 27
Taipei-Kwangju CI-7548 04:00 07:00 Jan.24-Jan. 27
Kwangju- Taipei CI-7549 08:00 09:25 Jan.24-Jan. 27
Taipei-Cairns CI-7919 21:05 06:20 Jan. 16- Feb.6
Cairns- Taipei CI-7920 07:50 12:55 Jan. 16- Feb.6

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