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What should I do if I missed my flight?

If you arrive in the airport late for your flight check-in time(all passengers are required to aboard the plane 30 minutes before the plane take off, so the airport stops check-in 30 minutes before the take off time), if you missed your plane, you have three options:

1. If there is a later flight of the same airline company, you can change your ticket to this later flight, just pay any change fee, extra fee(if there is discount difference between the ticket you bought and the later flight) to the airline company at the airport, then aboard the later flight.

2. If there is no other flight of the same airline company, you can also change to other airline company's flight: but you will have to cancel your original flight ticket (cancellation fee occur, ticket will be partially refunded)  FIRST and you need to buy a new flight ticket at the airport to aboard the later flight.

3. If you did not go to the airport at all, you may still get certain refund according to the flight cancellation policy, even after the flight date. Please just contact us.


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