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Chinese Jade

Jade is regarded by the Chinese as a stone descended from heaven. Chinese regard jade stone with a special significance. There is a Chinese saying that goes, "Gold has a value but jade is invaluable".

Jade History
The earliest jade in China can be dating back to Neolithic Period. During that period, jades were quite simple mainly used as versions of the tools and weapons for daily life. So they were much larger than the examples we see today. Actually, jade had been used for all periods in Chinese history but the decorative art characteristic of each period is special and different.

Ranging from indoor decoration to the burial, jade used to create many ornaments and ceremonial objects. In ancient China, the royal family usually holds a jade burial which reflect the belief of jades would confer immortality and prevent decay. Since the jade born during earliest dynasties until the present in China, the most famous jade was sourced from deposits in western regions of Khotan in Xinjiang Province.

Jade Types
There are two types of true jade, Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite is a kind of hard stone in various colors and can be translucent to opaque. It has been mined from the mountains and found in the river beds. The nephrite was found to be used since Neolithic in China and today the most valuable nephrite comes from Khotan in the southern part Xinjiang Province.
Jadeite was introduced to China in the 18th century form Burma. It is translucent with the colors of white, green, black and lavender. Even harder than nephrite, it is much more fragile and difficult to carve.

Jade Culture
The Chinese love jade not only for its beauty but also for its culture, meaning and humanity. During ancient times, jade usually used to praise the person who has gentle manner. The iridescent color of jade represents the heaven; born of mountain and water, the element of jade reflects the earth; the extreme hardness of jade shows the sureness of intelligence; the polish and brilliancy demonstrates the purity. For the meanings above, the wise liken jade to virtue.

Jade Carvings
It is extremely difficult to carve but Chinese craftsmen create incredibly intricate ornaments and jewelry from jade. China has a long history of carving jade and jade ornaments and jewelry are loved by Chinese for a long time. There are many fascinating works from jade like jade bracelet, necklace, earring and ring. It is believed that wearing jade can bring good luck and make people look more health and beautiful.