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Angel Hands Massage Center

With winter around the corner, do you feel tired from time to time after a whole day's work? Why not go for a massage to get rid of the body stiffness and tension? Angel Hands Massage Center will do just that for you with its variety of massage treatments. A visit to the center will give you an ultimate massage experience!

Overview of Angel Hands Massage Center
Located in Chaoyang District Beijing, Angel Hands Massage Center focuses on providing the guests with a wide variety of massage options. Highly recommended would be the Thailand-style massage paired with Chinese medicine. All the massage services and treatments will be provided by well trained masseuses and service staff. Moreover, Angel Hands Massage Center features a series of stone needle treatments which will do much good to your health – soothing your senses, accelerating your blood circulation and improving your immune systems. More importantly, the well selected Chinese medicine is very good for relaxing the muscle tension and nerves. With a few hours' treatments at Angel Hands Massage Center, you will feel good as new.

Features of Angel Hands Massage Center
Angel Hands Massage Center specializes on building a series of massage and healthcare treatments designed to relax your mind and recharge your body. The massage focuses on stretching your body by massaging the key acupuncture points of the body, therefore further improving the blood circulation. Meanwhile the massage will greatly reduce your muscle tension, thus making freer and easier body movement and motion possible without getting tired again. The technique of the foot massage focuses on pressing the acupunctures on the feet to better stimulate the reflex points, enhance automatic healing and improve blood circulation. At first it will give your feet a hot herbal bath and then our therapist will massage your neck and shoulder to help you to get rid of your muscle tension. By way of revitalizing your blood circulation of your feet, the blocked veins will be released to allow for better circulation. After a series of stretching and relaxing your stiff muscles, you will enjoy a sound sleep at night. This massage on the neck and its acupuncture points will also do much good for your headache and numbness in the arms.

All in all, Angel Hands Massage Center will help you to balance your body and mind and give you an ultimate relaxing experience!