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Beijing Bailaohui Xindongan Theater

After a faster pace of working or a heavy study, have a terrific time watching films with your family and friends is an ideal enjoyment. Today, there are many entertainments established in Beijing which are varied from the styles and features. During these modern establishments, Beijing Bailaohui Xindongan Theater has seized all the local people and tourists with its advanced facilities and high quality service concepts. Here, you could find the most fashionable essence of the world. Here, you could have a romantic meeting with your lovers. Here, you could experience a comfortable Beijing weekend with your family.

Advanced Location of Bailaohui Xindongan Theater
Located in the prosperous Wangfujing Street, surrounded by various shopping markets and shops, Bailaohui Xindongan Theater is an ideal place to enjoy your full holiday experience. As well know, Beijing Wangfujing Street is full of entertainments, especially the snacks here. If you are very interested in the snacks here, you could enjoy full delicious food. After enjoying this, coming to this theater to watch a wonderful movie, it is really an ideal enjoyment.

Well-designed Construction of Bailaohui Xindongan Theater
As the earliest opened theater, Bailaohui Xindongan Theater has eight halls including the small ones and larger ones. Among them, each of the large halls is equipped with 201 seats and each of the small halls is equipped with 110 seats. Recent years, this theater established the new style of selling the tickets. Every customer would enjoy a chance to enjoy your movie. Under the bright sunshine, all the halls present charming and dazzling. There also arranged the rest area where you could have a purchase and do some preparations.

Charming Environment
Nowadays, Bailaohui Xindongan Theater has changed into a new appearance, including the high quality screen, comfortable seats and graceful fashionable decorations. Each of the halls was equipped with the professional waiters who would lead you an ease holiday experience. Most of the important is the all the screens are adopting the most advanced techniques. You could enjoy your movie clearly and vivid. Adding the effective music and animation effects, this theater will also seize the children heart. The air conditioning here will lead you a comfortable temperature, neither too cold nor too hot. It is very easy to buy a ticket not needing standing a long queue.

All the students and children could enjoy the big discount. If you and your friends come here, you would enjoy the team discount.