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Beijing CBD Area

As Beijing is becoming one of the most important international financial centers in China, it is worth it for first visitor in Beijing have a short look to the main area of international business hub, golden section of the capital, CBD Area.

Overview about Beijing's Central Business District
Flanked by the city's most important buildings – government offices both local and international, banks, financial institutions, international offices, shopping malls stocked with luxury brands, Beijing's Central Business District, or CBD is the city's largest, most international center of commerce. It is the main area of finance, media, and business services in Beijing.

CBD Area located between East Second and Third Ring Roads and stretching from Chaoyangmen to Guomao, lies at the heart of Chaoyang District and downtown itself. Due to its very central location, the CBD provides relatively easy access to most parts of Beijing worth visiting, including the city's many shopping areas, restaurants, nightlife venues, and tourist attractions.

Hundreds Important Buildings and Leisure around CBD Area
China CCTV and hundreds other important major buildings were built in this CBD Area. Filled with number of world-class shopping malls, five-star hotels and gleaming office buildings, Beijing's CBD is home to many of the executives living and working in Beijing. In additional, there are plenty of multinational companies and financial institutions have offices in the CBD, including Central World Trade Center, China World Trade Center, Jianwai SOHO, China Merchants Building, Aiweike Building, International Financial Center, Beijing Exchange Building, Win Ka Center, and more.

CBD Area also offers a wide range of amenities for Westerners, including lots of options for cafes, Western supermarket, dining options, fast food options, bars, nightclubs, etc. With a very wide selection of choices to pick from, visitors would find everything they need in the area.
Beijing's Central Business District is a window for international exchanges between China and the world and a development base for the nation's headquarters economy and modern services. It is the centre for commerce, entertainment and fine living in Beijing.

How to Get Beijing's Central Business District
By Subway:
Take subway and get off at Guomao Subway Station (an interchange station on Line 1 and Line 10).

Beijing's Central Business District Tour
By visit CBD Area of Beijing, visitors could get a feel for modern Beijing and its rapid development, view plenty of skyscrapers standing along the road.