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Natural History Museum

Among plenty of interesting museums in Beijing, Natural History Museum is one of the favorite.

Overview about Beijing Natural History Museum
Beijing Natural History Museum which was founded in 1951 is the most popular and the earliest natural history museum in China. It has covering a floor space of 24,000 square meters, with more than 8000 square meters for display. The museum houses more than 200,000 items collections of paleontology, ornithology, mammals and invertebrates which are displayed in the Halls of Paleontology, Zoology, Botany and Mankind Evolution. It has three main functions for the specimen collection, the academic research and the science popularization of paleontology, zoology, botany and anthropology.

Research of Beijing Natural History Museum
Bing mainly engaged in specimen collection, scientific research and science popularization work in the fields of all the creatures including the animals, plants and any other sciences. Here, you would get the truth of the artifacts, fossils and specimens. Different constructions of these creatures have different findings researched here to present to the world. More than a hundred thousand artifacts, fossils and specimens are also displayed here. Especially the large ancient mammal fossils ranks the second in the world have attracted a lot of attentions. Among all the specimens and fossils, the Stegodon zdanskyi which is a kind of animal has become the most famous and precious.

Dazzling Permanent Exhibitions
Come to Beijing Natural History Museum, the Permanent Exhibition in this museum are mainly arranged according to the evolutionary trend of organisms, showing the Bio-diversity and its relationships with the environments and the development of the life on Earth. First entering into this exhibition, you would be impressed by the Gallery of Ancient Reptiles and Dinosaurs. This hall, you would appreciate the mamenchisaurus which is the largest sauropod dinosaur fossil found in China. After this hall, you would be attracted by the interesting Original Life Gallery. Producing rich environment of the ancient years of 530 million years ago and displayed a comprehensive history of ancient invertebrates. After finishing this original life hall, you would be lured by the Plant Kingdom. In this holy land you would get more about the developing of plants from the prehistoric extinct plants to modern plants. Then an activity will become the closing point. To appreciate the flowers growing procession including the sprouting, growing and blossoming, you would get the changes of the seasons. Very wonderful and mysterious!

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