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Beijing Planetarium

Travel Beijing with your kids? Have a quick trip to Beijing Planetarium where visitors can explore the mysteries of the universe. Being a national leader in public astronomy, Beijing Planetarium has become a beloved civic visiting place in the tourists from all over the world. Come here, you not only could appreciate the new buildings and the new facilities but also the old exhibitions in the old planetarium. With storing rich historical relics and enough culture witnesses, you would find the footprints of history developing.

Overview about Beijing Planetarium
Located in Xizhimenwai Avenue of Beijing, Beijing Planetarium is a national level natural science museum to popularize science and hold exhibitions. Its aim outspread astronomical knowledge to the public and promoting the spirit of science.

Beijing Planetarium comprises two main buildings, Building A and B. The new building B contains a digital space theater, 3D and 4D theaters, several exhibition halls and two observatories. The majority of the action is in the more modern Building B, which houses loads of interactive space age toys to excite the imagination.

Attractive Ancient Observatory
In Beijing Planetarium, most of the attractive is the Ancient Observatory. With rich history and collections, this Ancient Observatory has become one of the most historically interesting observatories in the world. After experiencing restorations and changes, this observatory developed into the Ancient Astronomical Instruments Display Hall, as affiliate of Beijing Planetarium. With the coverage area of 1,000 square meters, this observatory was divided into two parts including the platform and the affiliated building. Entered into this hall, you would find there are eight bronzed astronomical instruments standing on the platform, grave and elegant with skillful carved and decorating. Under the platform stands a group of affiliated buildings with simple elegance. As a milestone of Chinese architecture, it makes a cultural exchange between the Orient and the West. If you say it is a best place to appreciate the heaven, there is a better explanation that it was an ideal place to enjoy historical treasure.

As an amateur astronomer or a fan of stargazing, you can take breathe appreciating here. I believe you would gain much!