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Beijing Roast Duck

For Beijing tour, have a taste of famous Beijing Roast Duck is a must-do thing. In China, there is a good saying that your Beijing visiting is not wonderful and complete without tasting Beijing Roast Duck. Having an ideal fame as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Hutong, Beijing Road Duck has conquered all the tourists with unique tastes and special cooking style. If you want to discover Chinese real culture and customs, Beijing Roast Duck will be an ideal choice.

Significant Profound History
It is thought that Chinese Roast Duck was a little similar with traditional American Roast Turkey. Experienced complex history and significant events, Roast Duck has long been demonstrated in China. In fact, in the early times, Beijing Roast Duck were cooked in a traditional way. Until in the emperor period, when this kind food became an important delicacy, the imperial cooks studied the complex cooking style and methods. Later, it became a must-order dish in the emperor easting menu and was highly recommend by emperors and other members of the ruling classes. After a complex evolution, Beijing Roast Duck was changed into two kinds. These two kinds of cooking style become a new developed filed in the modern days.

Delicate Cooking Process
With unique delicious tastes, Beijing Roast Duck has a complex cooking process. First, the authentic material should be chosen for preparation. After the duck was dead, the air between its skin and flesh should be pumped ensure a pure body. Second is water the duck reaching a very clean and purify. Find a small hole to remove all the entrails. After that hang it and heat. During this time, the body of this duck should be filled with water. Finally, the duck should be filled some delicious spicy, heating it with a highest degree.

Most Famous Roast Duck Restaurant
Everyone come to Beijing will go to the famous restaurant to taste Beijing Roast Duck. It is called Quanjude. This restaurant has experienced a long history and today there are many chain restaurants in Beijing. With considerable service and high quality management concepts, Quanjude greet thousands of people every day. Only the comfortable environment will entertain all the tourists to have a complete relaxed here, not to mention the famous delicious Beijing Roast Duck dish.

Travel Beijing smarter, choosing to enjoy Beijing Roast Duck.