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Beijing Sanlitun

Visit Beijing and searching for some interesting place to spend your time at night? Come to one of the famous places entertainment and leisure areas in Beijing, Sanlitun.

Overview about Beijing Sanlitun
Sanlitun is an area of the Chaoyang District, Beijing containing many popular bar streets and international stores. It currently houses many bars and clubs popular with both expatriates and locals as well as international brand-name stores such as American Apparel, Apple Inc. and Adidas (largest Adidas store in the world). Besides the bar streets, two famous highlight in Sanlitun area are also including Sanlitun Village shopping mall and Yashow shopping market.

Bar Street in Sanlitun
Sanlitun is a modern leisure area in Beijing which attracts lots of young local visitors as well as foreigner expatriates. Strolling around the street, visitors should find its famous bar street. Lies in Sanlitun Village, a fashion and leisure center in Beijing's Chaoyang District, the famous Sanlitun Bar Street settle in a street with a total length of 260 meters. It's usually considered the symbol of the capital city's glamorous and vibrant nightlife. Plenty of bars and restaurants line along the street. At the weekend, Bar Street in Sanlitun filled with lots of party goers who want enjoy and killing their weekend time drinking, enjoy its night atmosphere.

Sanlitun Village Shopping Mall
Sanlitun Village shopping mall is an outdoor mall/square in Beijing where you can find a lot of restaurants, shops and nightlife. It is very fun to visit at day, or even attractive at night. Sanlitun is split into two sections, South and North. Village South houses the biggest Adidas store in the world, as well as branches of Uniqlo, Steve Madden, I.T, M.A.C, Benefit, the busiest Apple store you'll ever see and other stores. There's also a good cinema, plenty of great restaurants, cafes and bars. The newer and more exclusive Village North has high-end designer stores such as Alexander Wang and Emporio Armani.

Yashow Shopping Market
Yashow shopping market is one of the famous Chinese markets in Beijing after Silk Street Market. In the basement, you will find shoes, suitcases and handbags. On floors one, two and three there are mainly designer's clothes, jeans, shirt, skirts etc. There is also a tailor with a large selection of silk and suit cloths on the floor three. This floor also holds some children's clothes and silk products. On the floor four, there sold electronic goods, watches, pearls and jewellery, etc. It is a very fun shopping areas since the prices are rather low and visitors can do the bargain.

Beijing Sanlitun Tour
For shopping, leisure, or nightlife, a Beijing Sanlitun Tour is an ideal option which will bring you memorable and complete experience in Beijing.