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Huguosi Snack Street

Modern days, there are many foreigners showed a little disappointed that they could not have the chance to enjoy famous Huguosi Snack Street when they are surrounded by modern and trendy buildings around Beijing. As an ancient street, boasted as numerous snacks, Huguosi Snack Street is full of stories, full of tastes, full of history and full of culture. As a long commercial street, it starts from Xinjiekou Dajie in the west and ends at Deshengmen Neidajie in the east. With about 800 years' history, Huguosi Snack Street was first formed in Yuan Dynasty. Every day, there will be millions of people swam into this street to enjoy unique cooking tastes.

Overview of Modern Huguosi Snack Street
As one of the most famous commercial street, Huguosi Snack Street has become a very busy street stored with numerous shops, restaurants and snack vendors. If you are on your Beijing tour here, you would find this street is still keeping original cultures and appearance. Being crowded by the tourists and local people, this street has been regarded as the busiest street in Beijing during day time. Regardless of its original feature, here will bring you some fresh feelings. Along the 600 meters long street, you would find a rich choice of snacks, local flavors and antiques. Located in the center of Beijing not far from Beihai Park, here is an ideal destination for tasting Beijing flavor after the view of Beihai Park.

Famous Snack in Beijing Huguosi Snack Street
Enjoying this rich street, you would be attracted by the colorful snacks with different appearances and tastes. One dazzling snack you would be interested is called Mahua. This kind of snack has been receipt by a lot of tourists coming to this street with its twisting appearance and sweet flavor. Its cooking procession is very easy which baked up very hard and crunchy. Having a taste, you would be offered by its salty, crispy and sesame-y flavor. This kind of snack is very easy to take. You should not worry about it would be broken to pieces, because of its hard degree. Date bread is also terrific with heavy and soft appearance and the date flavor permeating the dough. It is more like a cake than bread. Chinese traditional food Rice Cake also could lure your stack with stick quality and unique sweet tastes.

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