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Revolving Restaurant on CCTV Tower

Regarded as one of the 10 Romantic Spots in Beijing, Revolving Restaurant on CCTV Tower will be the best place for you to bring your partner on romantic luxurious dining experience.

Overview about Revolving Restaurant on CCTV Tower
Stand at the 221 meters height on the 18th floor, there is the famous Revolving Restaurant, the highest view restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant with a capacity of 200 people provides glamorous, elegance, fashion, romance atmosphere featured with its delicious foods. The dining experience treated customer to not only enjoy delicious foods but also have a spectacular view of the entire city of Beijing from the dining room of the revolving restaurant both day and night.

Called as one of the highest revolving restaurant, it will resolve a circle every 90 minutes. During that time, customer can overlook the whole beautiful scenery of Beijing with 360 degrees at the same time of having a meal. If you prefer a romantic buffet on the tower, you just walk down from the 19th floor to the 18th floor – a revolving restaurant, where you can enjoy the rich and mixed buffet of Chinese, Western & Japanese style.

Food Choices in the Revolving Restaurant
Buffet of Chinese and Western styles as well as various barbeques and Japanese fresh food are provides here with about 200 categories to be selected.  Among the above offers, the Chinese food is featured with delicate fried dish of Cantonese cuisine, sided by Chinese BBQ and creative roast duck. The western food is mainly of French and Italian style, like French style snail, baked Seafood, Italian pizza of thin Crust style and varied pasta. In the other hand, Japanese fresh food includes some options of seafood, sushi, sashimi, soup, etc.

Take your partner to this revolving restaurant for lunch or even dinner is a beautiful experience. Both times offers different feeling and atmosphere. The restaurant even provides a free meal (lunch and dinner) for guests who are on birthday with the proof of ID cards or other valid certificates. In some condition for guests who enjoy the free charge, they should buy the ticket for the Tower (70 RMB) and pay for the drinks, and should be accompanied by at least one adult consumer. For guests who are on birthday, they even can enjoy special cake or Longevity noodles for free.

Dining Prices
For lunch: 198 RMB per person (including a ticket of 70 RMB for the Central Television Tower)
For dinner: 298 RMB per person (including a ticket of 70 RMB for the night visit to the Central Television Tower)