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As a dazzling capital, lying on the neck of China, Beijing housed a lot of treasures and historical sites showing off to the public. Apart from famous Beijing Forbidden City, Beijing Great Wall, as one of the well known Beijing Hutongs – Yandaixiejie has attracted tourists come here to research its real old Beijing culture. Being famous for its jade pieces, calligraphy, snacks and paintings, this old street was also called the Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, because this street crossed with a Pipe shape, meaningful and interesting.

Overview of Yandaixiejie
Being rebuilt in a traditional style of architecture and full of international restaurants and shops selling international products, this street has received much recognition and praise. Having been experienced profound history and deep cultural connotation, Yandaixiejie, nowadays, has become a highlight typical common street for its traditionally famous craftsmen and tobacco shops. Compared to other famous landmarks, they standing the first with the imperial heritages, meanwhile it preserved the characters of the common people lived in Beijing. When you are visiting this street, you would get a different feeling from the tobacco shops, restaurants and staying in the hotels. It is absolutely full of wonders.

Delicious Snacks
Beyond your imagination, lingering in Yandaixiejie, you would be lured by the delicious typical Chinese snacks sold here. With special cooking style and different fresh tastes, the famous roasted lamb will completely conquer your stomach. This kind of cooking lamb was the famous product of Master Ji. As a combination of ethnic flavor and the common stomach interests, Roasted Lamb has become a hottest enjoy in the foreigners. Apart from this, dazzling Port made by Master Yao, bright wontons made by Master Hou are all the destinations to the tourists who come to research Yandaixiejie.

Fantastic Attractions Surrounded
In order to have a completely holiday enjoy, after appreciating and eating in this street, you should have a wonderful view to the Houhai. As a neighbor of Yandaixiejie, Houhai is a must-explore holy land among tourists from home and abroad with its unique charming scenery and tranquil water. Especially its night view has become a live sport center in the local old couples. If you are interested in, lingering to the sunset and I believe you would be shocked by the warm phenomenon.

You would not grasp the real culture of Beijing without getting Yandaixiejie.