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2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (without hotel)

Price From: US$ 48

Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: 2 days (start from about 7:00 am and back around 5:00pm)
Day 1 - Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tomb;
Day 2 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace
Cable Car: Optional (100 RMB / US$ 17 round way)
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English
Feature: 2 days Group tour takes you to enjoy Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, etc. With small groups and hotel - sightseeing transfer and English tour guide.

Itinerary of: 2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (without hotel)

Day 1
Beijing (L)
Badaling Great Wall

1. Pick you up from your hotel on departure time, and then drive to the Ming Tombs. You will visit Changling. The sightseeing on the Ming Tombs takes about 1 hour. The visit to Ming Tombs finishes at about 10:45. Before having lunch (11:30 am), you will have 45 minutes for a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. The jade carving is a famous special Chinese product, a blend of the excellent skill on carving and Chinese traditional cultures.
- Ming Tombs: Buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, it is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China.
- Changling: The tomb of Emperor Chengzu and his empress, is the largest and most magnificent one of Ming Tombs.

2. Having traditional Chinese lunch at Jindian restaurant. After lunch, drive to the Badaling Great Wall. The hike on Badaling Great Wall takes 2 hours. Cable car is available and optional.
- Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.

3. On the way to your hotels, you will have a chance to enjoy the Chinese traditional tea ceremony. After the tour, transfer back to your hotels.

Day 2
Beijing (L)
Forbidden City

1. Picking up travelers from hotel on departure time, first visit the northern part of the Tiananmen Squeare then visit Forbidden City.
- Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.

2. Drive (20 minutes) to the Temple of Heaven. On the way to the Temple of Heaven, you will have a chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture.
- Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

3. After Chinese lunch (40minutes) in Restaurant. Enjoy a short visit to a pearl free market.

4. Driving (30 minutes) to Summer Palace, the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden. Visit it for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
- Summer Palace: The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, greatly influences Chinese horticulture.

5. At last, driving the travelers back to guest hotel.

Tour Price for Per Person(US$)
Price List for this 2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (without hotel) - Tour price for per person
Tour Price US$ 48

Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop off service from your hotel;
2. Entrance tickets of sightseeing;
3. Air-conditioned vehicle van with driver;
4. English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing about the tour;
5. Typical Chinese lunch.
6. Two pre-arranged shopping stops.

Price excluding:
1. Fee of cable car;
2. Tips to the guide and driver.


If you want to enjoy a private service and only your family or friends enjoy the tour together, here we could offer a private tour guide and vehicle for your group. Join similar private tour:
2 Days Beijing Tour Package A (without hotel) Price from US$ 91/pax

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Traveller Reviews of: 2 Days Beijing Tour Package - Bus Tour A (without hotel)
Written by: Karen ★★☆☆☆ Added: 2016-06-30

The tours have been spectacular. Tank you for making our vacations a dream. Everything have been perfect.

Written by: Scott ★★☆☆☆ Added: 2016-06-16

Lisa and Juliet, I enjoyed the tour and Beijing. I learned a lot. Tina and Linda did a good job. Cheers, Scott.

Written by: Bryan Siddall ★★★★★ Added: 2016-06-15

What a great trip today the guide was also great very nice the way she treated us. 100 % professional done you should be proud off her. Can you also let her know it's was a good even the respect she shown me when saying goodbye bowing to me. I give you good feed back on travel guide when home thanking you

Bryan Siddall

Written by: Priyanka ★★★★★ Added: 2015-06-04

Wendy, I would like to thank you for the wonderful services offered to the clients. They were very happy with tour guide Peter and he was very helpful. Thank you again. Have a great day!

Written by: Claudia Hagedorn ★★★★★ Added: 2015-02-23

First I check the bus day tours but finally I found this tour package for 2 day and it was cheaper. We enjoyed the 2 days tour during the Chinese Spring Festival and we were lucky to book the tour in advance because some agency didn’t start the tour during the holiday. We also recommend Beijinglandscapes.com to the guys who want to book tour. We had a good tour in the 2 days.

Written by: Anda de Blecourt ★★★★★ Added: 2015-02-17

We visited the most attractive sightseeing places in Beijing – Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace in 2 days. The 2 days tour package was very economy for US$48/person. The tour includes hotel transfer, entrance tickets, tour guide and lunch. It was so surprised, isn’t it?

Written by: Teta Soraya ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-23

The 2 days bus tour was highly recommended by the agency when I told them I want a 2 days economy group tour. The 2 days bus tour is really cheap and the price is only US$50/person including entrance ticket, tour guide, lunch, coach. The service was also good. We had a good trip with Beijinglandscapes.com.

Written by: Ashton Antalan ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-27

I only have two days in Beijing so I wanted to visit more places as I can. We called the Beijinglandscapes.come and Juliet recommended me the 2 days Beijing Tour Package – Bus Tour A. I really visited the most places I want to visit. Also the tour service was good. Our tour guide Sally and Patrick arranged everything in order. IT was really a nice tour!

Written by: Carmencita Miranda ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-24

The 2 days bus tour just cost US$48/person for the discount price. We visited the most famous sightseeing places in 2 days in Beijing. We enjoyed the sightseeing places also visited souvenir shops with China characters. Both our tour guide and driver were perfect. We were very satisfied with this trip!

Written by: Ali Ghoneim ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-12-23

During 2 days trip in Beijing, we have visited the main tourist places, like Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. My trip advisor well arranged with lowest price and high quality. If you travel alone, join 2 days bus tour is best choice. Come on!

Written by: Teck Storr ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-15

Before I visited Beijing and I did many web surveys to schedule my travel. At last I found that most website had 2 days coach tour and Beijinglandscapes offered was what I expected. So I joined and covering many email replied, they confirmed my tour and gave me a confirmation letter. Thank you for your nice arrangement and I had a great time with your good service.

Written by: Jindrich ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-12-05

After getting the confirmation mail from Beijinglandscapes.com, I was very exciting. Every day our tour guide gave me a call to my room, if I was not in my room, my tour guide just left a message for me. In the morning I was picked by my tour guide on time as her mentioned. I am a Muslim, they offered vegetarian lunch for me. I really like this service very much. Thank you for Beijinglandscapes.com and I prefer it for others who want to visit china....

Written by: Johnny Eleman ★★★★★ Added: 2014-06-11

I did see the 2 day amazing tour in Beijing. Badaling Great Wall is really nice and I had a great time there. Mt tour guide and driver are very nice. They worked very well. Next time I will be back to visit again. I will still take your service – Beijinglandscapes.com. Thank you for your help!

Written by: Katharina ★★★★★ Added: 2014-05-02

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for bring me such a wonderful trip in Beijing. You are really helpful and kindness. Thank you very much for all of the suggestions you give to me before my trip to China. Then I will save much time and feel not very strange in this country. Hehe...

Oh, for the trip, Anna is such a good tour guide. She is also very helpful, kind, knowledgeable and sweet. She told us much history and culture during the day visit Forbidden City, Temple of heaven and Summer Palace. I know more about China now. The driver was also skillful during the tour. What's the bad thing is that I got sick one the second tour day. I called your agency number in the evening before the date and your colleague told me she can change my tour to another day when I'm fine. Oh, it is really considerable and excellent job.

I am solucky chose you and chose you company!

Thank you gain Lisa and to all of your colleagues.

Best Regards,


Written by: Lory Mei Yee Leung ★★★★★ Added: 2014-04-28

Booking this tour, I received the most considerate service! The first day, we climbed the famous Badaling Great Wall, very crowded. It is a magnificent building full of charming sceneries and best preserved buildings. On the second day, Forbidden City left me a deep impression with typical luxurious appearance and completely building structures.

Written by: Gian Prawira ★★★★★ Added: 2014-01-16

Unbelievable experience! Fewer crowd, snaking wall drown in autumn color everywhere! Really fun to hike up the wall at this lovely time of year! Refreshing air, extensive wilderness – all made my visit to the China wall a delightful experience!

Written by: Jenny ★★★★★ Added: 2012-05-14

We have a nice time in two days Beijing tour package. Most famous places we have traveled in these days. They are interesting and funny. The grand Badaling Great Wall is incredible. We also have a knowledgeable tour guide Lucy. She is a walking dictionary, and she told us various histories about these spots. We would like to travel China again.

Written by: Candice White ★★★★★ Added: 2012-04-03

My 2 days Beijing group tour to Badaling, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace was so impressive that I would like to share the beautiful pictures with my friends after returning to my hometown. The history of these places is very interesting and meaningful. Without the experienced tour guide, it would be hard for me to understand. I would recommend this tour agency to family and friends and would take another tour the next time I am fortunate enough to visit Beijing.

Written by: Ursula ★★★★★ Added: 2011-09-27

Great tour! We enjoyed this tour very much. the tour guide was great, she told us a lot of history about the sites and also told us some information on shopping and eating or anything else we want. We actualy feel like we made a good friend, she could not do enough for us. The tour itself was also nice, the sites were all we dreamed of. Thanks.

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