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Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show

Price From: US$ 30

Inclusion: Roundtrip hotel transfers, admission to the Beijing Opera;
Departure: Daily;
Tour Duration: Approx.3.5 hours;
Show starts: at 7:30 p.m.;      Show finishes: at 8:50 p.m.;
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel around 6:00 p.m.;
Finishing point and time: Your Hotel around 9:30 p.m.;
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Lanuage: English!
Feature: The Beijing Opera Show is a treasure of Chinese culture. And the tourists could learn more about China during enjoy this performance.

Itinerary of: Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show

Peking Opera

Pick up from your hotel in Beijing around 6:00pm and make sure each participant will be on the bus in time from different hotels. Then go to Beijing Liyuan Theatre - located in Beijing Qianmen Hotel, 175 Yongan Lu, Beijing. Upon arrival at Liyuan Theatre, you will be led to your seat with help of both your tour guide and theatre staff who have your pre-booked entrance tickets.
Beijing Opera is mainly about the tales of successive dynasties regarding important historical events, emperors, ministers and generals, geniuses and great beauties, from the ancient times as Yao, Shun, Yu, the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States Period to the dynasties of Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing for 5000 years. Popular with western visitors, the Liyuan hosts Peking opera with English subtitles as well as acrobatics performances in the show. The show ends and you will be transferred back to your hotel around 9:20pm.

Tour Price for Per Person(US$)
Price List for this Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show - Tour price for per person
Tour Price US$ 30

Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.
2. Air-conditioned car, van or minibus.
3. Entrance ticket of the show.
4. Driver and English-speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing along the tour.

Price excluding:
Tips to the guide and driver.

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Acrobatics Show: US$ 32 (200CNY)
Kungfu Show: US$ 32 (200CNY)
Peking Opera Show: US$ 32 (200CNY)

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Tips About Payment Method:
1. Cash to tour guide (CNY/ USD);
2. Credit Card through PayPal;
3. Western Union Money Transfer.
4. Bank Remit (Wire Transfer);

Traveller Reviews of: Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show
Written by: Grace Ting ★★★★★ Added: 2015-02-16

We enjoyed the Chinese traditional Peking Opera show and took pictures in the theater with the actors. There were also many facial makeup masks in the theater and we bought some as souvenir. We were attracted much by the Chinese traditional culture there and had deep impression with the show.

Written by: David Helto ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-05

The Peking Opera is very interesting, although I could not understand what they sing but the actors make up and clothes is very beautiful. My tour guide Sophia tell me about this story. I like the Peking Opera show!

Written by: Blair Conway ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-23

I wanted to enjoy the China traditional opera long time ago. Last week, I finally had the chance to enjoy it. I like the mask of the actor’s very much. They story is interesting. What’s more, after the tour the travel company dropped us off at our hotel and it was really unexpected good service. Highly recommend this show and the agency.

Written by: Shujaath ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-08

My mother and I did watch famous night opera show, it was very funny. I hardly understand what they want to express, luckily, there are English description in the screen. I could see what it was! All of actors were very professional, I preferred their dress, it looked very unique, I really felt Peking culture, thank you for your arrangement!

Written by: Joel Egl ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-09-18

I did see the Peking night show, it was very nice. It was a story told about total 8 immortals how to cross the sea. Even I could not understand what they said, under screen it had English translation and my tour guide could tell me the details about it showed. All of actors are very great, I liked what they dressed.

Written by: Syamsul Yumin ★★★★★ Added: 2014-08-09

What a great night show! Really had a great time and a lot of fun while enjoying the performances. Really glad we went out that night. The bus ride is great and all went very well that night.

It is just incredible to experience the Peking Opera show in this way. The performance is as splendid as it can be. Though we did not understand what the performers were singing, the costumes and the facial masks completely blew us away with their beauty. The theater is quite impressive too!

Overall, the night-out is a memorable Chinese experience to both of us!

Written by: Prashanth Skidmore ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-08-06

Wow! What an amazing voice for Peking opera! I really understand what it was! I talked with my tour guide, and she was translating for me, and always introducing what it was. Thank you very much. I got a lot from there and had an unforgettable time at Opera show theatre.

Written by: John Sau ★★★★★ Added: 2014-06-22

Never expect much out of the show as it was designed for tourists. But, to my surprise, it was actually quite fun. I became a big fan of Peking Opera at the end of the show! I did not understand much of the show as it was performed in Chinese, but the facial masks and costumes completely blew me away! The performance completely brought the house down! The experience was absolutely one of the highlights I had in China! Just loved the show!

Written by: Matej Katreniak ★★★★★ Added: 2014-05-20

What a wonderful night show I had with my kids in Beijing! Both of us got dazzled by the masks and the costumes the performers were wearing during the Peking Opera show. And their singing voices were kind of interesting too. Quite an essential Chinese experience! Loved it!

Written by: Latonya Jane ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-01-22

The show is really incredible and totally completed the night. The performances are marvelous and spectacular and I really enjoyed every minute of it!

Written by: Carlie ★★★★★ Added: 2013-08-12

Peking Opera Show was awesome. It was really different with Western Opera commonly. The costumes and makeup for the performers were so rich and elegant, so Chinese. The performance was excellent and the whole evening was a great experience, even enjoyed by my teenage children!

Written by: Claire ★★★★★ Added: 2013-05-10

A nice show represented the rich culture of China. The makeup and costume of Peking Opera were so elegant and impressive. The Opera is surely different with the Western Opera. It is a very unique show that I never seen it before. During the show, there was an English subtitle, make us know about the story. Interesting performance!

Written by: Cowper ★★★★★ Added: 2013-01-23

Great show! Even though I was hardly to understand, it is a traditional Chinese culture and has famous all over the world. I thought it should be enjoyed when you in China!

Written by: Everley ★★★★★ Added: 2013-01-16

Like to explore the live Peking Opera show, I booked this coach tour to enjoy the Chinese traditional performance with some English speaking visitors as me. Even we all hard to understand what they were singing, but we like to appreciate the special voice and dress-up. Very interesting!

Written by: Kirk ★★★★★ Added: 2013-01-05

It was the most fantastic show I had enjoyed. With the colorful makeup and the beautiful costumes, the Peking Opera show was impressed. Especially its strange voices, I difficultly understood it. But for the night tour, it was worth to enjoy with the cheap price.

Written by: Brady ★★★★★ Added: 2012-08-22

I enjoyed this night show very much, owing to the on-time service and the considerable tour guide. Recommend this travel agency to everyone who likes to have an interesting and satisfied Beijing tour.

Written by: Beck ★★★★★ Added: 2012-07-05

It was a nice tour to enjoy the typical Chinese show - Peking Opera show. First time heard of this kind of song, I was shocked by the strange sounds, addicted into the beautiful facial makeup and the costumes. Although it was hard to understand what they singing, it was the most interesting sound I had heard. Good arrangements!

Written by: Angelia ★★★★★ Added: 2012-05-29

While the Chinese put on a fabulous show with makeup, costume, and lighting, this opera is quite different than anywhere else. That was unique experience in Beijing tour. The places next to the stage were arranged at tables, and boys in national clothes pouring tea. This tea kettle is amazing, it has long beak. We do love this show!

Written by: Vivian ★★★★★ Added: 2012-05-16

What a unique experience in Beijing travel. Can you image opera which you are listening to having tea? Not at home on TV, right in opera house? The performance is a mixture of singing, dancing, Kungfu, juggling, etc. Gaudy makeup, bright costumes, and as for the music, it is not like other opera. I certainly recommend this to music lovers as a unique experience!

Written by: Harris Lee ★★★★★ Added: 2011-01-24

I followed our group to watch Beijing Opera last night. It is really very enjoyable. For i could not understand what they were singing about but the music, the action of the performers as well as the tone were quite attractive. Their makeup looked really beautiful. By the way the costumes were colorful and pretty.

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