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Beijing China Tour

All city tours from Beijing, below are hand-picked by us aiming to show you the essence and different beauty of China!

Beijing China Tour

Interested in ancient culture of China? Then this Beijing Xian tour is your ideal choice. Wide ranges of tour lines from 1 till 5 days, by air or train are available bring you to visit the essence ancient highlights of Xian.

Beijing Xian Tour

Excellent flight trip from Beijing to Shanghai, well-organized tour lead you to experience the luxurious modern atmosphere. With considerate private transfer service, in-depth explore on your own pace!

Beijing Shanghai Tour

Join ideal tour type to closely experience Chinese profound history and culture as well as the amazing historical highlights from Beijing to Datong. Well-organized itineraries with considerate service, enjoy typical Chinese ancient culture, join us!

Beijing Datong Tour

Tianjin is a beautiful harbor city near Beijing and Tianjin Home Port is a junction for cruises. Beijing Tianjin tour give you a chance to visit the highlights in the two cities with best service and cheap price!

Beijing Tianjin Tour

Beijing Guilin Tour takes you to explore two of the most amazing cities in China - Beijing and Guilin. The whole trip is all about fun, sightseeing, history and essential Chinese experiences. Join this tour to explore best of China!

Beijing Guilin Tour

Beijing Pingyao tour takes you to explore another miracle place to feel typical miracle, traditional buildings, local folk culture and top attractions with informative tour guide, well-organized itinerary and considerate private service!

Beijing Pingyao Tour

Luoyang is a famous historic city in China and makes for a great place to get to know Chinese history and culture. There are a whole bunch of ancient sights to take in while visiting Luoyang from Beijing.

Beijing Luoyang Tour

Home to world renowned Mountain Resort and Outer Eight Temples, Chengde makes for a great getaway from Beijing. A visit to Chengde is all about fun, eye-opening experience and incredible sights to take in. Not to miss Chengde Tour!

Beijing Chengde Tour