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Chenji Xiaochang Restaurant

Luzhu Huoshao is a traditional Beijing snack, ingredients including sausage, lung, and dried tofu – all boiled in a huge pot. Trying Luzhu with Huoshao and chili, garlic sauce and vinegar is an amazing dining experience! It is not to be missed for those wanting to sample the Beijing gourmet food while visiting Beijing!
There are many stores specializing in Luzhu in Beijing, but Chenji Xiaochang is no doubt the most famous and popular one. The restaurant offers sausage, fat but not greasy, tender yet not overcooked, the Huoshao not very sticky too. The restaurant is still very popular after the relocation – from the Langfang Ertiao to the Qudeng Hutong. The restaurant is kind of small and humbly decorated, but the owner is surprisingly confident about his business. The soup is still very savory and the food very authentic.
The food offered by the restaurant is extremely inexpensive. With cheap price you can get a chance to taste the authentic old Beijing snack. There is truly no better way to experience the old Beijing flavor than a dining experience in Chenji Xiaochang!

Location: No.3 Qudeng Hutong on Qianmen Street
How to Get There: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Qianmen Station and then exit from Exit C and walk southward to the Qudeng Hutong.

Photos of Chenji Xiaochang Restaurant