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Courtyard Red-Themed Restaurant

Courtyard Red-Themed Restaurant is located in a courtyard, in the middle of bustling street, well decorated and renovated, featuring top-notch cuisines and dishes from across the country.

The ambience is good, decorated in Chinese style. The restaurant gives a feel of nostalgia with its decorations. The dishes are very good for health, the specialty including Honglou Qiegeng, highly praised by customers. There are also many performances available in the restaurant.
Recommended Dishes:
Ganguo Daipi Huangniurou, Guoba Jicuigu, Honglou Qiegeng, Lurou.
Nearby Points of Interest:
Chinese Art Gallery, Imperial City Site Park
Xiyangwei Hutong No. 14 on Meishuguan Hou Street in Dongcheng District.
Contact: 84046024
Minimum Charge: 100 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 104, 108, Te No. 11 and get off at Kuanjie Lukounan Stop.
Useful Tips:
It is kind of hard to navigate Hutong to find the restaurant. Parking lot is available.

Photos of Courtyard Red-Themed Restaurant