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Daxing Watermelon Banquet

Now, the watermelon festival has been accompanied by Tai Hing people, which has gone through twenty-one years, now people have already put in Daxing Watermelon Festival holiday as its own, which is a window for the publicity of daxing. This is not the catering enterprises to seize this opportunity to take watermelon festival, in Daxing watermelon with the article, introduced a table characteristics of watermelon feast. You see this watermelon carving, modeling exquisite, melons are carved with various patterns is very good-looking, but also reeking of melon. Come have a look this red melon ball, a red melon ball and hawthorn, not only bright color but sweet and sour taste very delicious. The eight watermelon cup featured eight kinds of seafood, into the carved watermelon cup which is to let a person be unable to hide one's greed. This watermelon dumplings, estimated that you are not eaten in the home, the taste is very unique. Watermelon is a fruit in summer. It not only water, but also rich in vitamins, fructose, protein and other nutrients. Eating watermelon can add moisture, relieves summer heat and thirst, and watermelon diuretic function has certain curative effect on hypertension. Fresh Watermelon Juice and tender guapi increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, add luster. In fact, watermelon is good for health, melon seeds can be used as ingredients, cook delicious food. You don't think that only in the restaurant to taste the delicious watermelon feast. You at home can be yourself, do a simple cold rind or fungus Guapian, and family sharing the watermelon delicious and healthy food.

The feast is all about the watermelons, with all of the dishes made of the watermelon or contained in them. This place is perfect to try the watermelon feast, marvelous to the eyes and delicious to the tasting bud!
Recommended Dishes:
Yuanyang Xiguazhou, sanse xiguajuan, xiangzao juhua zuixigua, xigua chunjuan, iced north pole shell
Places of interest nearby:
Beijing Wild reserve, Xingminghu Resort, Wanmu Liyuan
Location: Liqu Village in Daxing
Contact: 89281999 or 89282266
Minimum Charge: 50-100 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus line No. 937 and get off at Guaxiangqiao Stop and then take a cab
Heart-felt Tips:
It takes a long time to prepare the watermelon feast, so be patient!

Photos of Daxing Watermelon Banquet