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Karouji Restaurant

Kaorouji enjoys a high prestige in Beijing as one of the time-honored restaurants, famous for its barbecue. Located right next to Yinding Bridge and founded in 1848, the restaurant started out with only a barbecue stall. The barbecue mutton offered here features tender texture and aromatic aftertaste, making the restaurant wide-spread across Beijing. The authentic flavors remain unchanged over the years, though the stall has been replaced by the restaurant.
The atmosphere at the restaurant is great, with the huge round iron frame roasted on fire, the aroma wafting all over the hall. The lamb is well selected from the so-called Xikou Lamb from Zhangjiakou and the lamb is pickled for quite a long time and the ingredients are one of a kind – all make the restaurant widespread in Beijing. Trying the barbecue mutton is kind of self-help style, feasting and roasting at the same time. There are also many side dishes available at the restaurant, like the pickled sweet garlic, pickled cucumber slices and pancakes and the like.
Nowadays, the food is kind of pricy at the restaurant. Minimum charge will be 80 Yuan per person here. The barbecue is worth trying while visiting Beijing.

Location: No.14 at Shichahai Dongyan (near Yindian Bridge)

Photos of Karouji Restaurant