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Miyun Heiwo No.91 Reservoir Fish

Hailed as the back garden of Beijing, Miyun is famous for its scenery. The reservoir fish has become the highlight of Miyun dining, attracting a large number of visitors. There are many places to eat the fish, like the food street in Xiwengzhuang, Xibao, Liulaowu and so on. The Heiwo No.91 in Mujiayu is located in a courtyard, right next to the reservoir, with a beautiful environment and fresh air. Enjoying a vacation and trying the reservoir fish is an essential dinging experience!

The courtyard is the most beautiful in Miyun, exquisitely decorated with lawns, lamps, stone paved path and sand beach and wooden chairs and tables. The views are amazing here, with plenty of entertainment options available here.
Recommended Dishes:
Miyun reservoir fish head, chaiji, chaiji egg, fried river shrimp, stewed pouted fish
Nearby places of Interest:
Heilong pool, jingdu diyi waterfall, taoyuan fairyland
In Heiwo village at Mujiayu in Miyun County
Contact: 61056359 or 13601033707
Minimum Charge: 220 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 980 or 970 and get off at Miyun bus station and take a taxi; take bus 987 and get to the terminal and then take a taxi.
Useful Tips:
The courtyard receives only the group with over 10 guests; reservation highly recommended.

Photos of Miyun Heiwo No.91 Reservoir Fish