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No. 8 Plaza

The originally and newly issued Yue Cuisine, healthily seasoned, is very famous as the specialty of the No. 8 Plaza. In this plaza you can get a chance to try the essence of Yue Cuisine. The restaurant is well decorated and renovated and well known for its services, perfect for meetings or banquet.

The No. 8 Plaza features one of a kind ambience and one of a kind furnishing as well as top-class services. It is a good bet to taste the essence of Yue Cuisine.
Recommended Dishes:
Tianshan Lingzhi Shaoguanyan, Xingzhi Chuanbei Ganlaochi, Chennian Huadiao Jinruge, Fengsheng SHuiqi.
Nearby Points of Interest:
Chaoyang Park and Tuanjie Lake
No. 8 on Chaoyang Park West Road in Chaoyang District.
Contact: 65089999
Minimum Charge: 300 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 419 and get off at Lujingyuan Stop.
Useful Tips:
The restaurant has 30 VIP Rooms, including 10 percent service fee. Food aside, the restaurant also offers many entertainment options. Parking space is abundant.

Photos of No. 8 Plaza