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Old Beiping Restaurant

In the Xixi Shopping Mall on Xidan North Street, there is a time-honored restaurant – Old Beiping Restaurant, featuring old Beijing elements and performances.
Xidan is a gathering place for gourmet food from around the country, but Old Beiping Restaurant is the only haunt to taste the authentic Beijing-flavor gourmet food. Almost all the famous Beijing gourmet food can be found at the restaurant, including roast duck, Baodu, spicy tofu, Luzhu and sauce noodles and the like. The restaurant has a huge menu and the flavors cater to the outlanders, though the food offered here may not be as authentic as those in other stores. The restaurant is also well decorated, very luxury and majestic. 60 Yuan will do for sampling the old Beijing specialty dishes.
The highlight is the performances available every night from 19:00 pm. The Peking Opera is selected from the classics, featuring magnificent costume and mellifluous tunes. The acrobatics are also breathtakingly amazing, earning a round of applause. The face-changing performance is also available at the restaurant and surely will bring the house down. It is an essential Chinese experience while dining in Old Beiping Restaurant and enjoying myriad performances.

Location: Eighth floor of Xixi Shopping Mall No.109 on Xidan North Street in Xicheng District
How to Get There: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Lingjing Hutong Station and exit from Exit D.

Photos of Old Beiping Restaurant