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Peninsula Restaurant

Located in Shuncheng Prince Jun Mansion, Peninsula Restaurant features an elegant ambience and imperial vibe, as well as a combination of modern design and classic art. The restaurant mainly offers Yue Cuisine, specialty including Yan, Bao, Chi and seafood, with some Xiang Cuisine, all well cooked in rich varieties.

The environment at the restaurant is excellent as it is located in a courtyard. The decorations are top-notch. The dish can be ordered in half here if you want to try more dishes. The desert is also very good.
Recommended Dishes:
Wangfu Yupin Fotiaoqiang, Liuliansu, Zibu Tanshao Auzhou Shenghao, Suanpian Heijiao Baoshenhu Niuliuli, Haiyan, Shajiang Dujian, Qiannian Lingzhi Dunhuajiao, Haimazhi Geshui Zhengji
Nearby Points of Interest:
Choayang Park, Blue Harbor Bay, Street of Women, Caitai Flower market.
In Prince Jun Mansion on No. 19 Chaoyang Park South Road in Chaoyang District
Contact: 65077888
Minimum Charge: 200 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 302, 675, 502 and get off at Chaoyang Park Qiaoxi Stop; or take bus No. 628, 740, 988 and get off at Chaoyang Park Qiaobei Stop.
Useful Tips:
There are VIP Rooms available in the restaurant, as well as live shows. Here can be paid with foreign credit cards. Parking lot is abundant.

Photos of Peninsula Restaurant