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Wushan Fish Barbecue

The barbecue shop has a famous slogan – always imitated but never exceeded – which says how popular the shop is among the foodies from across the city of Beijing. The barbecue shop is so popular that foodies always have to wait for an hour to get a seat here, which shows how influential the shop is in Beijing as far as the fish barbecue is concerned. Wushan fish barbecue adopts from the ingredients from the Sichuan Cuisine and Hot Pot and features a wide variety of cooking techniques, like pickle, roast and stew and so on.
The fish tastes tender, the fish skin very crispy, combined with the side dishes and sauces, with the meat soaked in the boiling soup, really out of the world! There are many spicy flavors available at the shop, as well as a wide variety of side dishes – a perfect combination of meat and vegetables, very health-friendly! It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance as the shop is surprisingly popular with a long queue during dining hours. The minimum charge is about 60 Yuan per person at the shop. For an authentic fish barbecue, Wushan Fish Barbecue is not to be missed while visiting Beijing!

Location: No.15-2 on Dongzhimen Neidajie Street.

Photos of Wushan Fish Barbecue