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Xingfu Sanqianli Barbecue

The charcoal barbecue is a famous Korean food. Now Xingfu Sanqianli Barbecue City brought this food into Beijing, featuring fresh ingredients, reasonable price, high-quality meat options. The services and environment are also very excellent, ensuring cozy ambience and essential dining experience.

The restaurant offers a huge menu, all very tasty, like the cold noodles, sauced soup and stone pot mixed rice. The restaurant uses electronic stove, without smoke.
Recommended Dishes:
Barbecued beef, barbecued pork, cold noodles, stone pot mixed rice.
Nearby Points of Interest:
Huatang shopping mall, Jiamao shopping mall, Tongyishouge KTV
No. 1 on Xizhimenwai Street in Xicheng District.
Contact: 58302366
Minimum Charge: 60 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus line No. 26, 105 or 438 and get off at Xizhimen Stop; take Metro line 2, 4 or 13 and get off at Xizhimen Station.
Useful Tips:
Specially-priced dish is available every day; parking lot is abundant.

Photos of Xingfu Sanqianli Barbecue