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Yanqing Liugou Tofu Banquet

The hot pot is the old rural North China winter heating appliance. In winter, put in the cabbage, tofu, be, streaky bacon, a hot pot is ready for dining during lunar January season when families sit together enjoy dinner. Since the development of folk custom tourism in our county, Liu Gou, based on traditional hot pot, has offered the tofu feast, making the beauty of the soy bean curd, nourishing kidney bean curd, bean curd heat cured fire. "Phoenix City -- a hot pot -- farm color bean curd". When making a main pot, add streaky bacon, cabbage, fresh tofu, frozen tofu, fried tofu. Its characteristics are vegetarian, meat and vegetables, oil and not greasy. The three auxiliary boilers are accompanied with the characteristics of the farm, three bowls, six cold dishes, take Three Yang Kaitai, Six Dashun meaning. In the traditional production process and the production process of manufacture of tofu, with other dishes supplemented - focuses on beauty, nourishing. Bean curd is not necessarily that every dish has tofu, but must take the tofu. Tofu dishes have some genuine, outstanding folk characteristics that the bean curd is made here, and not to lose the taste of the farm.

The color of the tofu has 3 kinds, with several vegetables and meat mixed in the hot pot, tasting very good. There is no better place to taste the tofu feast than a visit to Yanqing – definitely an essential dining experience!
Recommended Dishes:
Tofu feast, scallion mixed with tofu, Suwanzi, suanni, fenchang, mixed Haidiaisi, banxiumian.
Places of interest nearby:
Songshan, Yudushan, Longqing Gorge, Guyaju
Location: Liugou Village in Yanqing County
Contact: 81172060
Minimum Charge: 20-30 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take bus line No. 919 and transfer to bus line No. 920 and get off at Liugou Village
Heart-felt Tips:
Though called the Tofu feast, not every dish contains tofu, so if you want to try some other dishes, it is also available here.

Photos of Yanqing Liugou Tofu Banquet