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Youyishun Restaurant

The restaurant enjoys a high prestige in Beijing as a long-standing traditional restaurant, combining Chinese cuisines and western cuisines, filled with unique flavors. The most famous specialty of the restaurant is the instant-boiled mutton, featuring excellent cooking techniques and ingredients. Other must-try dishes include whole sheep feast and tasimi enjoying high prestige in the world.

The instant-boiled mutton offered here is quite different from those offered by Donglaishun, the flavors and ingredients are different too. The flavors are more suitable for the foodies after being improved.
Recommended Dishes:
Instant-boiled mutton, hongshao niuwei, yuanbao sandan, tasimi
Nearby places of Interest:
Fulite shopping street, Yuna Dynasty Capital Site Park, Anzhen Shopping Street
No.28 on Huangsi Street in Xicheng District
Contact: 62005848
Minimum Charge: 70 Yuan per person
How to Get There:
Take Bus No. 123 and get off at Huangsi Street xikou Stop; take bus No. 55, 83, 210, 315 and get off at Madian Bridge South stop.
Useful Tips:
Parking available

Photos of Youyishun Restaurant