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Beijing Dining Tour

Hutong area in Beijing is a complex where visitors can not only get a feel of the old Beijing but also become a hotspot for people search for local snacks.

Snack Street & Food for Beijing Dining Tour

Nanluoguxiang Hutong

As one of the best preserved area in Downtown Beijing, Nanluoguxiang conveyed many critical essences of Chinese history and modern times. It is a wonderful world for the young people to enjoy the cool bars; an extremely fabulous street for the old cooking enjoyment; a mysterious area for the child enjoying delicious snacks, etc. It is one of the most famous Hutong area in Beijing where has its unique old architecture. It is the ideal hang out destination where people can enjoy perfect blend of past and present. Join it and you are the next successfully reaper!

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If you are keen on the combination of Beijing original snack feature and the modern dessert and get the real Beijing, Yandaixiejie would be your right destination. It is a tempting show stage to enjoy the real Beijing tastes; an extremely excellent cooker to share the unparalleled delicious snack; a wonderful area to commemorate your Beijing tour. Beyond your imagination, lingering in Yandaixiejie, you would be lured by the delicious typical Chinese snacks sold here. With special cooking style and different fresh tastes, the famous roasted lamb will completely conquer your stomach. Yandaixiejie will lead you to enjoy your utmost holiday life.

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 Wangfujing Snack Street

It is a good place to pick up Xinjiang or Muslim Uighur cuisine such as lamb skewers and flat bread. Also on offer are other dishes from all over China, including malatang (a spicy soup from Sichuan) and Beijing noodles in fried bean sauce. Also being scoffed by the bowl here are Lanzhou noodles, Shandong savory pancake, Yunnan cross-the-bridge noodles and spicy Sichuan food. The majority of dinners here are served to the foreign cooking with lower prices and delicious tastes adding more the western feeling to this lovely land. You will be impressed by the range of the local snacks and lovely appearance.

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Huguosi Snack Street

The snacks at Huguo Temple Snack Street are a collection of highlight snacks from all over Beijing. After careful handling, they are made to be as pleasing to the eye as they are to the mouth. Especially many foreign guests, they choose here as their special gathering land. The prices are very cheap-satisfactory. The seasoned millet porridge here is very delicious. With about 800 years' history, Huguosi Snack Street was first formed in Yuan Dynasty. Every day, there will be millions of people swam into this street to enjoy unique cooking tastes. Much cheaper than Wangfujing Snack Street, if you could not control your saliva, join us quickly!

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Peking Duck

Having an ideal fame as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Hutong, Beijing Road Duck has conquered all the tourists with unique tastes and special cooking style. For Beijing tour, have a taste of famous Beijing Roast Duck is a must-do thing. Being regarded as the most delicious dishes all over the world, no matter which age period you are in, Beijing Roast Duck will entertain your stomach to reach the utmost satisfaction. With certain procession, it gathered all the advantages of dishes, tasty not greasy; Crisp outside and soft inside; single but refreshing. As famous delicious food, Beijing Roast Duck is an excellent choice.

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Sugar Coated Haws

More and more traditional tastes have been changed by the faster living style pace and luxurious living environment. In Beijing, this golden capital city, you would be often heard the selling voice "Sugar Coated Haws, Sugar Coated Haws…" the attracting cries came out from the old alleyway, resounding in the air and forming into a glorious memory of child age. With various shapes and a variety of compositions,Sugar Coated Haws experienced simple and complex procession. Having a taste of Sugar-Coated Haws to record the old Beijing culture is a worthy memory.

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