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Candy KTV

Candy KTV is a 24 hours opening KTV features a complete song repertoire, including Chinese and foreign songs and latest songs. There is also a popular interactive singing activity hosted here, very popular among fashionable people and celebrities.

The store is well decorated, very trendy and cutting-edge, without traditional velvet sofa, crystal chandeliers or suspended accessory. The spacious store is filled with mystery decorations and fascinating lights – a colorful world indeed! 
Dining Options nearby:
Jiqingli Restaurant, Yuelu SHanwu, Ziyunxuan, Mending Meat Pancake.
Nearby places of Interest:
Fuguo Marine World, Dongyue Temple, Yaxiu Apparel Market, Sanlitun Bar Street, 100 Bowling Stadium.
No. 6 on Gongti West Road in Chaoyang District.
How to Get There:
Take Bus No. 113 or 115 or 118, 406 and get off at Gongren Tiyuguan Stop.
Useful Tips:
The recording studio of Yonghe Palace is available for you to record your beautiful voice. 300 Yuan per song, more professional 400 Yuan per hour.

Photos of Candy KTV