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Melody KTV

Melody enjoys a high prestige in Beijing and very popular among music lovers. The KTV houses a Multi-functional Hall, VIP Room, Luxury and President Rooms and is well equipped with the newest and high-class acoustic equipments. A shopping center is available, offering drinks, beverage and snacks.

The KTV has a complete song repertoire including the newest songs. The KTV is interestingly decorated, with lovely light, wallpaper and boat gates, perfect for young customers. The mini room is the favorite of lovers.
Nearby Dining Options:
American Flavor Ice Cream, Jiye Jia, Zhuangyuan Western Food Cafeteria, Guolin Jiachang Cuisine.
Nearby Points of Interest:
Landao Tower, the Place, Sanlitun Bar Street, 3.3 Apparel Tower, Guiyou Tower, Xiushui Tower.
No. 77 Landao Tower on Chaoyang Menwi Street in Chaoyang District
Contact: 65510808
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 101 or 112, 118, 28 and get off at Dongdaqiao Stop.
Useful tips:
The beverage, snacks and Chinese fast food are available in Melody KTV. And if you order the food during 17:00 and 21:00, you do not have to pay for the accommodation.

Photos of Melody KTV