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Suxihuang Club

Every detail of the Suxihuang Club is penetrated by Chinese elements. The club is a kind of reminder of the old Shanghai, Hong Kong and enjoys quite a reputation among the western countries. 

The nostalgia vibe is all over the club, like the wooden bed from Qing Dynasty and the lamps, and the pink wall paper and the glass ceiling, the old time recording machine, the English-style kerosene lamps on the counter, the lilies in the glass containers, as well as the enchanting Jazz, etc..
Dining Options nearby:
Haoyunjie, Malan Lamian, No. 8 Baoyu Hot Pot, Banmutian, Jiyejia, Jingxi Mianguan, Japan Cuisine.
Nearby Points of Interest:
Chaoyang Park, Blue Harbor Bay, Street of Women, Caitai Flower market, Yansha Shopping City
No. 1 at Chaoyang Park Ximen Jia in Choyang District.
Contact: 65003377
How to Get There:
Take bus No. 419, 677, 682, 852 or 985 and get off at Choyang Park West Gate Stop.
Useful Tips:
The club opens at 8: 00 at night; parking is abundant.

Photos of Suxihuang Club