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How to Plan Your Beijing Tour?

Nowadays with huge amount of useful tourism information on internet, independent travel has become more and more popular. Rich in historical sites, modern architecture, bustling nightlife and shopping paradise, it is smart to start you independent travel from Beijing. Here suggest the simple steps to create a Beijing Tour.

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Plan Your Budget & Schedule

Planning a Beijing tour, first of all you should care about is your budget. Then search for the useful information, decide when will you start and how many days will you spend for this vacation. According to the budget and the schedule, design you favorite route including the places you want to visit.

Book Your International Flight to Beijing

Once you decide to visit Beijing, the first thing you should do is to buy the international flight ticket from your country to Beijing. You may use your own travel agency or the trustworthy online flight booking travel webs.

Book Your Hotel in Beijing in Advance

After your round trip international flight tickets are booked, the next thing important for you is where to stay in Beijing. As a metropolis, the hotel location in Beijing is very important. Choose one near the downtown and has the convenient traffic will be a time-saving way for you. You may ask your travel agent to do it for you or choose through the online hotel booking websites. Here we hand-pick the excellent Beijing Hotels for you.

Places to Visit & Things to Do in Beijing

The fourth step for planning a Beijing tour is to search the places to visit and the things to do. It may take you some time but it is worth. Find the places you interested in and get some brief introductions before travel will help you better experience the city. If you have fewer days, visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, see the Peking Opera Show (Kungfu Show or Acrobatics Show) and eat Peking duck.

How to Get Your Hotel from Beijing Capital Airport

At present there are three terminals - T3, T2 and T1. Most of the international flights arrive at T3 and T2. There is a Free Inter-Terminal Shuttle Buses connecting T3, T2 and T1. From the airport to your downtown hotel, you have 4 choices: Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus; Beijing Airport Express Train; Taxi in Beijing Airport and Beijing Airport Car Rental Service.

The recommended hotels below are well-selected and located in the central area of Beijing near Wangfujing Street and Qianmen Area. Elegant environment with convenient transportation!

Are you interested in local Beijing food? Peking duck, hot pot, typical Beijing snacks are all here waiting for your taste!


As the metropolis, transportation is very important for the tourists in Beijing, especially for those who want to travel independently. Here provides you the basic transportations in Beijing and insight on how to get around in Beijing much more convenient all by yourselves.

Silk Street

No matter you are interested in antiques, you want to buy traditional Chinese souvenirs, or you are seeking for world famous brands, you will find Beijing is truly a shopping paradise. Here are many valuable shopping places and well-known products for you.

Peking Opera

Enjoy colorful night view and nightlife in Beijing is also one of the must do things for visitors. Peking Opera, Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show are crystallization of Chinese culture while Bar Street is ideal choice for night owl.


Beijing is a pretty safe place. Read the Travel Tips is much helpful to make a good preparation for your trip in Beijing and may help you deal with some problems you will meet.