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Beijing Handicrafts Tour

Besides numerous famous historical destinations, Beijing also offers you great chance to taste of local customs and traditions, learning new craft or making your own Chinese handicrafts.

Traditional Handicrafts in China


Cloisonné is a lovely piece of Chinese handcraft well known for its exquisite techniques and spectacular patterns originated in Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty. It is one of the few Chinese icons which are worth taking home to remember your China trip by. Beijing is the cradle of cloisonné technique and there are a couple of flea markets in Beijing where you can easily handpick an item as a souvenir. As one of the most beautiful Chinese art works, today, cloisonné is still a beloved artisan skill in China, and particularly beautiful or well-made cloisonné pieces are highly valued.


You want to see something extraordinary during Beijing China trip? Then the embroidery is not to be missed! Chinese embroidery enjoys a long history as a traditional handcraft art form. It involves a series of complicated and sophisticated needlework. Enjoying a high prestige among Chinese people, originated during the Warring States period in China, Embroidery boasts of myriad lovely patterns. Every piece of the embroidery is much of a marvel to the eyes. Have a chance to see as many embroidery products as you want in Beijing!


Calligraphy enjoys a long history and a high prestige in China. As a time-honored traditional handcraft, it will give you an insight into the profound Chinese culture. With a trip to Beijing, you can have your favorite words written by an excellent street artist. It will be a nice Chinese icon and worth taking home as well. Also the writing brushes, ink slabs, ink and paper that were the scholars traditional tools can be found in most antique shops. Same as ancient Chinese paintings, Chinese Calligraphy can be said as one of the most important cultural art forms of China. Its presentation format is an art that hinges on Chinese characters.

Chinese Paper Cutting

Everyone called it as one of the art of China, it is the unique art called Chinese Paper Cutting. Just to imagine with a piece of paper and a scissor a fine piece of work of art is done within a few minutes! The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century. Now as one of the most recognizable Chinese icon, Paper Cutting is much of a marvel for the eyes and very easy to learn! Today as we can directly see, the people cut animals, flowers and figures in the paper with a pair of scissors or a knife mainly to decorate their doors and windows. With a few tricks learned from a Chinese craftsman, you will have your own work of art to brag back home!


Kite is an important part of the art and culture of China. Here, we would like to introduce its remarkable kite history, present condition and famous international festival of kite which annually hold in China. Flying kite has long been a favorite outdoor exercise for Chinese people. Handpick a lovely kite with unique pattern and join the Chinese people to fly it as high as possible at Temple of Heaven or at a park. It will be an ultimate Chinese experience. Even better, take it home as a gift for your kids or friends and share your stories of flying a kite in China. Either way, the kite will bring you a lot of fun!