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Beijing Night Life

Colorful Nightlife in Beijing is also the iconic of Beijing Tour. Fabulous nigh shows, bustling themed bars, charming night view in city center, spa and massage center for relaxed, etc. all show you different tastes of Beijing.
Would you like to enjoy Kongfu, Acrobatics and Peking Opera Show in the evening?
Would you like to have a drink along the silent River?
There are many Nightlife option as following, never wait, join to enjoy!

Beijing Night Show

Breathtaking performances like Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show, Peking Opera-the crystallization of Chinese culture are all shown at night. To learn more about Chinese culture, going to watch one of the them is a nice idea.

Disco in Beijing

It is an important part of nightlife. Spending time in a disco place is another way to enjoy, relax and feel Chinese features in this kind of international places. Yummy food are also served here. In these places you can dance, taste cool but cheap drinks and make new friends if you like.

Bar in Beijing

Beijing has lots of bars that are equipped with modern concept. Bars is a major part of modern Beijing. To know about more about the city, it is a good place to go.

KTV in Beijing

Here is the gathering place for those who love nightlife. You can taste kinds of wines as well as dishes, snacks to satisfy your stomach while you relax by listening to both Chinese and other music from other countries. As well it is a nice place for you to sing songs.

Spa and Massage

Massage in Beijing has been welcomed among foreigners due to its good service. Chinese massage has mixed with the traditional Chinese therapies to provide a different nice service that is good for health. They have well trained staff and high quality facilities. It may not let you down.

Night Sightseeing

Beijing night attracts you from other aspects which you cannot find in the daytime. The word beautiful is not enough to describe the night view of the city. There are more deserves your exploring.