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Wonderful Badaling & Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour

Price From: US$ 61

Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 8 hours
Pick-up place and time: Your Downtown Hotel between 7:00am and 8:30am
Finishing place and time: Your Downtown Hotel around 6:00pm
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union  

Itinerary of: Wonderful Badaling & Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall

1. Pick-up travelers from hotel on departure time, and then drive to Badaling Great Wall around 09:30am. Badaling Great Wall is known for its imposing magnitude, and hike it for 2 hours. Then visit a Jade Carving Factory.
- Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.

2. After lunch, head to Mutianyu Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall is known for its beautiful surroundings in seasons of the year, and hike it for 2 hours.
- Mutianyu Great Wall: A beautiful section of the Great Wall with less crowded.

3. After hiking the Great Wall, driving the travelers to their hotel.

Tour Price for Per Person(US$)
Price List for 1 Day Badaling & Mutianyu Great Wall Tour - price for per person
Group Size
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7~10 persons
US$ 168
US$ 102
US$ 96
US$ 93
US$ 88
US$ 81
US$ 61

Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel;
2. private luxury air-conditioned car or van;
3. Entrance tickets of sightseeing;
4. Private driver and English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing about the tour;
5. A typical Chinese lunch.
6. One pre-arranged shopping stop.

Price excluding:
1. Tips to drivers and guides.;
2. Cable car fee.

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Tips About Payment Method:
1. Cash to tour guide (CNY/ USD);
2. Credit Card through PayPal;
3. Western Union Money Transfer.
4. Bank Remit (Wire Transfer);

Traveller Reviews of: Wonderful Badaling & Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour
Written by: Michael ★★★★★ Added: 2016-06-03

I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful tour and enjoyed the 2 stops we visited at the wall. I was very happy to see this wonderful piece of history. our guide and driver were very nice.

Since I want to end on a good note. The wall was great and the tour guide was nice. I really loved the Mutianyu portion of the wall.

Michael Williams

Written by: Marco Morales ★★★★★ Added: 2015-02-08

This is the second time travel in China. Last year I discussed business with a Chinese company, had one day free before back to hometown, very lucky. Great Wall which impressed me last time and I came to China again just for conquering Great Wall. I enjoyed hiking very much, won’t miss each section of Great Wall, Badaling and Mutianyu are my first choice, really enjoyed it, I thought I will come to China in the days coming for the other sections.

Written by: Kiran Lee ★★★★☆ Added: 2015-02-08

I visited the Mutianyu Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall for the day private tour. First I thought they were very near, but actually they had different directions and far from each other. It was winter in Beijing and there were no green plants on the mountain. I think the Badaling Great Wall is easier for climbing. I want to visit more pasts in the future Beijing tour.

Written by: KENNY JAY LEE ★★★★☆ Added: 2015-01-22

I visited the 2 different parts of Great Wall in one day. There was cable car at both Great Walls. The Badaling Great Wall is easier to climb than the Mutianyu part. You will feel the difference when you get there. During the tour, we also visit a jade factory souvenir shop. I bought one jade ring for my wife and she liked it very much. Everything went well under the arrangement of Beijinglandscapes.com. Thanks!

Written by: Walter Aldridge ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-20

If you want to explore the Great Wall of China, Badaling and Mutianyu are the most popular 2 parts and well chosen parts. I visited these two parts of Great Wall last month and there are many people there especially the Badaling part. They were similar but had their own characters. You will fell it when you arrive there.

Written by: Goh Kah Wong ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-06

I had a good day with Monica yesterday for the Great Wall tour. Monica told me more information about these 2 great walls and she is knowledgeable. She really gave us much help for our tour. Our driver Mr Kang was professional and skillful. But I can’t forgive myself that I forgot give them tips after the tour. So I left an envelope in the hotel front desk and they can take it there.

Written by: Giulia Finocchi ★★★★★ Added: 2015-01-04

Magnificent Great Wall! We visit the Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall in one day. I am so excited when I stand on the wall. There are less people on Mutianyu Great Wall than the Badaling and the scene here is more beautiful. Cable car is a good choice for I could have more time visit the wall instead of climb the stairs.

Written by: NAJWA AWATIFF ★★★★★ Added: 2014-12-19

Last month I went to most famous great wall – Badaling & Mutianyu. Both the Mutianyu Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall are very famous. They all have their own features. The Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and earliest opened part of the Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall has the most beautiful natural scenery and it is less crowed than the Badaling Great Wall. I would recommend Mutianyu Wall as peaceful Wall.

Written by: Kim ★★★★★ Added: 2014-10-16

Both Great Walls are amazing. My father preferred Badaling one and I loved Mutianyu one. After the tour I felt very exhausted, but I really liked it. I heard from my friends about the history of Great Wall. This time I got lots of culture of China. My tour guide Linda did a good job. Thank you for your help!

Written by: Susan Reindollar ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-10-15

Badaling was very great, Mutianyu was also amazing. This was my first time to travel in China, and my first stop is Beijing. I must-see Great Wall as it is dream place of most travelers. Badaling Great Wall left a deep impression in my mind, as its many crowded guests there. I highly recommend visitors who intend to visit Beijing at low season.

Written by: Femy ★★★★★ Added: 2014-09-06

How fabulous Wall it is! I had visited both famous Wall in Beijing – Badaling and Mutianyu. They are all superb. Although after one wall I felt very exhausted, I must did all. At last I finished, and got interesting experience in my Beijing travel. I loved them very much. Highly recommend!

Written by: Jillian Joan Abramowski ★★★★☆ Added: 2014-09-02

After day tour, I really felt very tired. But I loved the Wall very much. Both Wall has its own features. I prefer Badaling Great Wall, although it was crowd. Every Watch Tower I had to stop to have a rest and took some pictures for this unforgettable trip. I love the Wall very much!

Written by: Kim Hyejung ★★★★★ Added: 2014-09-02

I visited the most popular and well chosen 2 parts of Great Wall – the Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall in one day. They have different characters and beauty. The Badaling Great Wall is easy to get on than the Mutianyu Great Wall. But the Mutianyu Great Wall had more trees on the mountains. There was also tree shade on the Mutianyu Great Wall. I really had a great day on the Wall to feel their beauty and magesty.

Written by: Subra Iyer ★★★★★ Added: 2014-05-19

Last month, together with my brother, we challenged Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. One day Great Wall climbing experience leaves me a deep impression. First, we explored Badaling Great Wall, the most famous section. It is well-preserved with so crowded tourists. However, compared with Badaling, we two seemed to like Mutianyu Great Wall more. It is a charming section with large scale forests. The tourists coming here are less creating a leisurely atmosphere for us. I was very interested in the environment here. We took the cable car arriving at the top enjoying the spectacular birds view, truly fantastic! I liked this tour very much. We are so lucky meeting Lily, considerate tour guide!

Written by: Pranita Shetty ★★★★★ Added: 2014-03-04

Never done something like that before! I really had an incredible walk on the Great Wall. It was a lot of fun and quite an adventure. The wall is quite impressive and completely blew me away! Definitely an essential Chinese experience!

Written by: Samuel ★★★★★ Added: 2013-07-21

My wife, her family and I, we travelled Great Wall with this one day tour. This was such an awesome day trip! The bus ride was great and comfortable. Because both sections of the Wall are located outside Beijing, so the ride was so important. Our tour guide by the way, she is just special. She knew everything and a very good speaker in English. Accommodating!

Written by: Milly ★★★★★ Added: 2013-06-12

This was absolutely worth it. From this tour, we could know the different between Mutianyu and Badaling much. Yes, Badaling situated quite close from Beijing, but it was really crowded at the weekend whilst Mutianyu rather quiet, less crowded and offers stunning sceneries around. Both sections of Great Wall are really worth to visit! Proud to be finally hike the Wall!

Written by: Bob ★★★★★ Added: 2012-07-02

We visited the Great Wall at Badaling and Mutianyu with our friends. The wall of Badaling was well maintained, very busy and huge crowded. If you decide to climb the Great Wall, I advise you to Mutianyu Great Wall because it is less crowded than Badaling. The Great Wall is a must-see place in Beijing tours and we all enjoy the hiking time on the representative sections of the Great Wall in Beijing!

Written by: Andre ★★★★★ Added: 2012-06-27

What a great tour you have organized for us! My friends and I have fallen in love with China. We are so amazing to the Great Wall project and excited to climb this world wonder. Our tour guide Tina gave us much help and she was friendly and professional. Thanks again for your kind assistance with our trip to Great Wall.

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