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Blue Bay International Commercial Field

Beijing Blue Bay created an authentic European- style town, varying from building construction to the garden, from the commodities to the activity, from the music to the atmosphere. This small town not only takes the traditional European to Beijing but also performs different stories every day mixing Beijing with Europe soon. Blue Bay gathered all the famous brands from all over the world entertaining the customers fully. There are over 300 brands stores, 20 cuisine restaurants and 10 bar stores. In addition to them, there are theaters, skating places and video games cites. Almost any place would lead you to the utmost happy degree.

Experience Review:
Blue Bay is a wonderful place full of fresh colors with tranquil lakes, charming buildings and romantic shopping garden. There is no plazas here only the European – style small building surrounding the courtyards. With three sides adjacent to the water filed, it will be difficult to find such a gorgeous environment.
Dining Options near Blue Bay International Commercial Field:
Seafood Buffet, Maksim, Latin Barbecue, One Thousand and One Nights, Japanese Cuisine, Italian Ice-cream, Southeast Asian Curry Rice and Food Plaza
Nearby Points of Interests:
Chaoyang Park, yansha Friendship Market, Ladies Street, Laitai Flower Market
Chaoyang Park Road No. 6, Chaoyang District
How to Get There?
Take Subway Line 10 getting off at the Liangma Bridge Station; take the public bus No. 402, 413, 416, 420, 503, 659, 688, 701, 955, 909, Yuntong 107getting off at the Anjialou Station
Practical Tips:
Choosing a nice day, getting together with your family wander Blue Bay for a whole day will be distinct interesting and amazing! Eating, entertaining, clothing stores are all distributed here. It will be a must to take your camera. From the pictures overlooking, it seemed that one European experience picture. Specially notice, the former three hours from Monday to Tuesday, the parking sites are free. From the Friday to the Sunday, after shopping beyond 200 yuan, you would be also free for parking car!

Photos of Blue Bay International Commercial Field