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Liulichang Street

World-wide Liulichang is a famous Beijing culture street. It was originated from Qing Dynasty when all the people taking part in the imperial examination will gathered here. So, there are many stores selling the books and papers gathering here forming a kind of deep cultural atmosphere. Modern Liulichang has become the place gathering books, paintings and antiques, etc. It is a must–appreciate place for the foreign tourists. At present there are more than thousands of stores along this street, such as the Four Treasures of Study, Antique Cultural Relics and Chinese and Foreign ancient and modern works, as well as traditional Palace Lanterns.

Experience Review:
Here is always full of tranquil atmosphere and holding the exhibition of calligraphy and painting. If you want to purchase the writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones, Liulichang will be an ideal place. You could select some old books here to enjoy the traditional streets culture of old Beijing.
Dining Options near the Liulichang:
Quanjude, Tanyutou, Small Intestine Chen
Nearby Points of Interest:
Huguang Guild Hall, Dashilan, Former Residence of Kangyouwei
South from Heping Gate, west to south and north lane, east to Yanshou Temple Street, it measures about 800 meters in length.
How to Get There?
Take subway Line 2 and get off at the Hepingmen Station; Take public bus No.7, 14, 15 get off at Liulichang Station; Te No. 2, 4, 7, 9, 44, 66, 301, 337, 646, 808 get off at Heping Gate Station.
Practical Tips:
In the autumn every year, Liulichang will hold the Ancient Books Fair. Tourists who are very interested in the ancient books could have an exploration there.

Photos of Liulichang Street