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Wangfujing Street

Tracing back to the Ming Dynasty, Wangfujing Pedestrian Street has formed. Now, this street has become a gathering place of large scale special markets and special stores, national brands and time-honored brands. The largest Craft Art Stores, Foreign Language Stores and Medical Devices Shops, Biluochun Tea Shops etc. are all gathered in this street. This commercial street full of tradition and reality together with the modern Champs Elysees Street of France formed friendly sister street improving the international position.

Experience Review:
Walking along Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, only appreciate the signboard hanging higher, stores ranking orderly, crowded tourists seemed like the water flowing, then the tastes of Golden Street of Beijing poured into your mind soon. Here, there displayed many world famous brands, tourists could feel the oldest, most modern, most fashionable, most popular culture to capture the scene which could not be enjoyed in any other places.
Dining Options near the Wangfujing:
Donghuamen Snack Street, Beijing Roast Duck Store, Wufangzhai, Quansuzhai, Puwufang, Donglaishun, McDonald's and International Fast Food City
Nearby Points of Interest:
Chapel of the Holy Cross (East Side), Calamus River, Forbidden Palace Tong Zi River
South from the Changan Street, north to the National Art Museum of China, it measures 3 kilometers in length.
How to Get There?
Take subway Line 1 and get off at the Wangfujing Station; take the public bus No.10, 103, 104, 52, 20, 120, 126, 728, 37, 41, 420, 802 get off at Wangfujing Station
Practical Tips:
Water well ever covered in Wangfujing Street recovered again in 1998 when building the road around. It is just located in the north side of this pedestrian street and will be an ideal to take picture.

Photos of Wangfujing Street