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When relating to Beijing Korea holy land, what appeared in the mind will be the South Korea Mall in Xidan. In fact, for the Korean family, Wudaokou is a very interesting place. No matter in past or the future time, Wudaokou is an ideal place the students always wandered, especially the Beijing Language School students.

Experience Review:
When the night falls, the neon lights hanging on the Wudaokou will gradually become bright. On this not too wide street, there will be various stores and different people groups gathered. If compared the Korean Mall as the Light Cave, then the Wudaokou will be the East Gate. Commodities in Xidan Korea Mall is too expensive, clothes sold in Wudaokou will be cheaper.
Dining Options near Wudaokou:
Unique Flavor Duck Neck, Thumb Milk Tea, Old Duck Soup Fans Restaurant
Nearby Points of Interests:
Photosynthesis Study House, Colorful Fashion Shopping Festival
In the Wudaokou, Haidian District (between the Tsinghua University and Xueyuan Road)
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 307, 331, 630, 656, 690, 375 and get off at the Wudaokou Station
Practical Tips:
When the night falls, the night markets around the Colorful Fashion Shopping Festival will be stood by snacks, clothes vendors, naughty and alive. Of course the clothes sold here are very expensive. It will be an ideal place for the students.

Photos of Wudaokou