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209 International Outdoor Sports Club

209 International Outdoor Sports Club featuring charming environment, offers international game standard climbing field equipped with complete expand training facilities and complete logistical support. This training club is a national first level training venue. The first term 35 extended programs could meet various extended training activities in air, ground, on-water, wild and indoor halls. This training base could offer the most difficult and challenging programs for the students. Indoor pool, Billiards Hall, Bowling Room, Chess and Card Room, KTV Room and Massage, etc many entertaining programs, provide a comfortable and cozy environment.

Experience Review:
Taking advantage of the summer holiday, tour here for several days, you could not only relax your feeling and mind, but broaden your eyesight through various programs here.
Dining Options near 209 International Outdoor Sports Club:
Restaurants here could stand about 400 people with various places of cuisine
Shopping Tips:
There are a large scale area of agricultural fruits land producing the apples, cherry, pears and many other fruits
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Yunhe Park, Xihaizi Park
Points nearby Interests:
Daying Tourism Resort Village gathering the green vegetables, special fruits and flowers appreciation with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation
Xie Family Tower No. 231, Lu Town, Tongzhou District
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 938 Zhi 4 and get off at the Taizi Mansion; take the Subway Line Batong and get off at the Tuqiao, transfer to take the bus No. 13 and get off at the Taizi Mansion
Practical Tips:
You could go fishing in the Artificial Lake, which is about 8,000 square meters storing a large number of fishes

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