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Beijing Botanic Garden

Located in the West Mountain scenic area, Beijing Botanic Garden is a large scale comprehensive garden specializing in science popularization, research study and preserved plants. The Botanic Appreciation District in this park is home to colorful Peony and roses, etc. The warm house located in the Greenhouse Flower District is one of the famous buildings in Beijing in the year of 1990. The places of interest in Beijing Botanic Garden also attract loads of tourists, such as Caoxueqin Memorial Hall, Liangqichao Mausoleum and so on.

Experience Review:
You could explore Beijing Botanic garden in every season of the year. Spring and summer are the ideal season to see flowers. Winter and autumn are mainly for enjoying the plants in the warm house.
Dining Options near Beijing Botanic Garden:
Wofoshanzhuang Vegetarian Restaurant, Yuren Yu Village, Linjing Shanxiang Restaurant
Shopping Tips:
Various herbarium souvenirs
Taking Pictures in Hurry:
Various plants and flowers, Warm House Buildings, Verse in Caoxueqin Memorial Hall
Points nearby Interests:
Wofo Temple, Caoxueqin Memorial Hall
Wofo Temple Road, Haidian District
Entrance fee 5 yuan per person, warm house 50 yuan per person
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 331, 318, 361, 714, 112, 696, 505, 630, 746, 698 and get off at the Beijing Botanic Garden Station
Practical Tips:
The ideal time to come here is during the earlier April to the mid-may

Photos of Beijing Botanic Garden