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Beijing Nanhaizi Milu Garden

Nanhaizi originally has five sets of larger lakes. Now, most of the lakes have been changed into fishponds. Only the third lake remains the original natural geographical environment. The middle part of this third lake shows gourd shape with the willows planted nearby. There always are wild ducks and goose flying here, with charming scenery and graceful environment. This area is the ideal place for the Reindeer to live and breed here.

Experience Review:
A set of endangered animal tombs warned the human beings: care about the animals, care about the nature, leading a comfortable environment for the human being and the animals.
Dining Points near Beijing Nanhaizi Milu Garden:
Beijing Baoxing Leather, Beijing Jinyu Black Pottery Productions
Taking Photos in Hurry:
The wild ducks playing in the water, water animals
Points nearby Interests:
Nanhai Film Center, China Culture Garden
Yizhuang Town, Daxing District
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How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 324, 352 and get off at the Jiugong Town Station, transfer to take the taxi
Practical Tips:
There established the unique one world endangered animal tomb area in the Nanhaizi Mi Deer Garden

Photos of Beijing Nanhaizi Milu Garden