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Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing

Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing is designed with the Europe style. It is themed as the wine culture leading the tourists to the classical France Manor. Tourists coming here could experience the cultivating, planting knowledge about the grapes, Quality Identification of grape, as well as the brewing skill of the grape wine. In the comfortable environment, tourists could understand the wine culture to improve the life quality.

Experience Review:
This hotel looks like a European-style town.
Dining Options near Zhangyu Ai Fort International Hotel:
Yunhu Holiday Resort, Shimayu Folk Village Yunfoshan Resort Village
Shopping Tips:
Seedless Grape
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Western style Church, Cigar Bar, Grape Garden
Points nearby Interests:
Cloud and Dragon Cave Scenic Spot, Sanyu Scenic Spot, Yunmeng Valley
Dongbaiyan, Jugezhuang Town, Miyun County
89092999, 89089999
60 Yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 980 and get off at the Miyun Coach Station, transfer to take the bus No. 5 and get off at the Caijiawa
Practical Tips:
The reception facilities in this hotel are complete but higher in the consumption

Photos of Chateau Changyu AFIP Global Beijing