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Dajue Temple

Dajue Temple has known as a giant pagoda among three hundreds temple of Xishan. As the city development growth so fast, this area also count as a place located outside 6th Ring Road of Beijing, but attracts so many visitors, visitors continually visit the temple till nowadays. Dajue Temple become a good outing selection especially when spring time comes when welcoming the blossom of flowers as well as the fact as its thousands years old temple and the fragrant of orchids.

This temple was built during Liao Dynasty about thousands years ago, and its still maintained well as original structure sitting west and facing west. From the gate walk through Stonebridge, you can pass through the King Hall, Main Hall, Amitayus Fodian, Dabei altar till reach relic under pagoda which built in the mountainside.

Inside Dajue Temple, there have eight main landscapes including Tenglijibai in the entrance gate, spring water inside virtue pool, Siyitang and garden of Beiyulan of magnolia, Amitayus Buddha Palace of thousand-year Ginkgo Biloba, Spring water surrounded the whole temple area, ancient Liao Dynasty stone table in the east Dragon Pool, Love Stone at Magnolia garden, and the highest pagoda situated inside the temple. Then ancient stone table, Dragon Pool, Water pool, Ginkgo Biloba trees, magnolia, and pine are Dajue Temple six best. A temple hiding 6 great items, rarely see.

Every April, Dajue Temple annually holds magnolia cultural festival. Apart from just enjoy the blossoming of magnolia flowers, but also organize some exhibitions and cultural events.

How to Get Dajue Temple
Take public bus from Zhoujiagang then transfer to Dajue Temple bus station. Walk north for about 200 meters.

Photos of Dajue Temple