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Dongji Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot

Dongji Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot offers charming scenery featuring unique beauty in four seasons. In the spring, all the mountains are sprawling with red flowers, sweet and birds singing; in summer, trees are thick growing with the cool wind breezing; in autumn, a large scale harvesting and red fruiting hanging on; in winter, snow scattered all the forests creating white world. There are towering sheer cliffs and steep mountains measuring about 90 meters high. Also, there are non-stop flowing the rivers inside. The most famous Five Tiger Water gate in the relics of Dongji Fairy Valley is hidden into the mists. There are two gate caves here and each one is equipped with two tiger head sculpture. There are four in total. Under this gate, there is one tiger sculpture. So, adding into, there are five.

Experience Review:
There is a strange mountain spring in this area. This spring is very strange for that it would not freeze in winter, not boom in summer and never stop flowing!
Dining Options near Dongji Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot:
Wuling Shanzhuang, Caojialu Folk Village
Shopping Tips:
Go to the Caojialu Folk Village to pick up the Linghong, Mushroom, Fillbert and wild Kiwi Berry
Taking Pictures in Hurry:
The sceneries in Five Tiger Gate
Points nearby Interests:
Simatai Great Wall, Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area
Garden Village, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun County
25 Yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the bus No. 980, 970, 987 and get off at the Miyun Coach Station, transfer to the through-vehicle to the destination
Practical Tips:
Dongji Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot is located in the east side of Beijing city with unique location and featuring temperature.

Photos of Dongji Fairy Valley Natural Scenic Spot