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Jietai Temple

Because stored mounts of Buddha Jietai, it got the name of Jietai Temple. Being built in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, enlarged in Qing Dynasty, most of the relics were from the Qing Dynasty. To be same as the Jietai Temple, the five big pine trees also enjoyed a high fame. With free branches and green leaves, these trees become the most important decoration in this temple. Each pine trees revealed different appearance very worthy appreciating and exploring!

Experience Review:
Jietai Temple is famous for the Jietai, strange pine trees and ancient caves.
Dining Options near Jietai Temple:
Jietai Restaurant, Zhao Family Tai Folk Village
Shopping Tips:
Mentougou Specialty, Almond and Nuts
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Mountain Gate, Liao Dynasty Pagoda
Points nearby Interests:
Miaofeng Pagoda, Lingshan, Pearl Lake
Maanshanlu, Mentougou District
For adult, 45 yuan/person; for student 22 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the Subway Line 1 and get off at the Apple Garden, transfer to the bus No.931 and get off at the Jietai Temple Station
Practical Tips:
The Peony Courtyard is the essence of this temple and the garden designing in the North China

Photos of Jietai Temple