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Lingshan Natural Scenic Area

Lingshan Mountain is the highest peak in Beijing. Standing on the top of Lingshan Mountain, you could see the clouds, sunrise, sunset, the flowers, the forests sound - an essential outdoor experience. The weather here is very pleasant all year round. In winter, you could see the Hanging Ice; in spring, various blossom flowers; in summer, the area is covered by green trees and other plants; in autumn, fully harvest. Lingshan Mountain is also a natural zoo and botanical garden with the wild Squirrel, Fox, wild rabbits, chickens, lamb and wild pigs, as well as many other rare animals. With all the sceneries and creatures gathering here, this area makes for a top natural spot.

Experience Review:
It is very rare to get a refreshing experince while exploring Beijing on foot. However, it is amazing to climb the Lingshan Mountain, appreciating the cloud ocean, taking in the local fresh air, etc.
Dining Options near Lingshan Natural Scenic Area:
Roasting Whole Lamb, Wild Vegetables, Baking Corn
Shopping Tips:
The Jing White Pear is one of the special fruits of Beijing
Taking Photos in Hurry:
The Tibetan Dances, songs performed in Lingshan during the July and August every year
Qingshui Town, Mentougou District
The Entrance Ticket is 35 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the Subway Line 1 and get off at the Apple Garden, transfer to take the bus No. 929 Zhi and get off at the Suangtangjian Station and take the taxi reaching there
Practical Tips:
The temperature here is lower 12℃ than that in Beijing. When the summer heat is coming, Lingshan Mountain will be an ideal place to avoid

Photos of Lingshan Natural Scenic Area