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Lingxi Scenic Area

Lingxi Scenic Area is opened to tourists in recent years. In the end of the valley, there is a small scale reservoir. The water flowing through this valley makes up a waterfall. The valley is filled with lush forests. Stones in this valley are in different shapes and sizes, interesting and strange.

Experience Review:
With the peach blossoming, mountain wind blowing slight, birds singing, it is an amazing experience while exploring the valley.
Dining Options near Lingxi Scenic Area:
There established restaurants in front of the Lingxi Science Garden Gate
Shopping Tips:
Red Cedar, Chinese Cherry, Mountain Prickly Ash
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Mountains and Wild Tastes, Mountain Flowers, Valley Water, Waterfall
Points nearby Interests:
Cherry Garden, Eighteen Swags
Miaofeng Mountain Town, Mentougou District
30 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the Subway Line 1 and get off at the Apple Garden, transfer to take the bus No. 929 Zhi getting off at the Xiaweidian than taking the taxi
Practical Tips:
Lingxi Science Garden is the base of science education, which is an ideal place the students holding summer camp. However, the entrance price of Lingxi Science Garden is 10 yuan per person

Photos of Lingxi Scenic Area