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Meilanfang Memorial Hall

Meilanfang Memorial Hall is located in a classical Beijing Courtyard. In this tranquil yard, Meilanfang got through his last ten years of prosperous art life. In this yard stands a statue of Meilanfang. After his death, his families endowed all the treasures, works and many other opera items to the government. The famous opera performance artist Meilanfang ranked the first in the 'Four Famous Male Characters'. He made much contribution on the development and the international art communication. The representative art performance of him was claimed as one of the three large scale performance systems. His art masterpiece promoted the development of Chinese opera art.

Experience Review:
Although there are no treasures and pearls in this memorial hall, all the exhibitions presented are dazzling and shining! Each of the exhibition works would make you see the daily life scenes of Mr. Meilanfang
Dining Options near Meilanfang Memorial Hall:
Huguosi Snack Stores
Shopping Tips:
Various souvenirs about the works of Meilanfang
Taking Photos in Hurry:
Shichahai, Qingwang Mansion, Furen University Former Site
Points nearby Interests:
People Theater, Prince Gong Mansion, Shichahai
Huguo Temple Street No. 9, Xicheng District
Adult 10 yuan/person, student 5 yuan/person
How to Get There?
Take the public bus No. 22, 38, 409, 690, 810, 826 and get off at the Huguo Temple; take the public bus No. 13, 42, 55, 107, 111, 118, 701, 823 and get off at the Changqiao Station
Practical Tips:
The Exhibition Works would be changed in non-scheduled

Photos of Meilanfang Memorial Hall